Oak Firewood

The best type of wood for you fire depending on where you live. Luckily, Abilene has a plentiful supply of oak trees, which provides for great firewood. Oak produces little smoke and has an acceptable odor making it the best for Abilene residents looking to heat their homes naturally and safely.

Mesquite Firewood

Haught’s carries the best seasoned mesquite in Abilene. Our customers come back every years to get their wood for cooking beef, chicken, fish and even vegetables. Mesquite does not spark or leave residue on your food the way softwoods do.

Pecan Firewood

Pecan burn cool and adds great flavor to meats. In using pecan for firewood you will notice that id does not burn as warm as oak or some other hardwoods. It does, how ever, give off a very pleasant odor that most people enjoy. The reminiscent of pecan nuts and vanilla will remain in your home after the fire has gone out. Pecan wood is the ideal choice for those looking to heat their homes ascetically, not for heat.

Mixed Softwood

Our mixed wood is made of all of the softwoods that we cut throughout the year. We season this wood just like all of our firewood. These softwoods consist of dozens of different wood including cedar, pine, and redwoods. Softwood are known to have drawbacks including excessive amounts of smoke, cresote, and sometimes an undesirable odor. Mixed firewood is not recommended for burning indoors. The upside to softwoods, is that it is far less expensive than traditional hardwoods and it provides a sufficient fire for the casual fire-maker.

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Custom Metal Firewood Racks and Cowboy Cookers

We also offer firewood racks built in 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord, and 1/8 cord.

1/2 cord Rack $200.00

1/4 cord Rack $150.00

1/8 cord Rack $100.00

As well as we offer high quality steel fire pits custom made with grilling rack like the ones featured at the Abilene Food Dock. Call 325-677-3943 for pricing.